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Richmond Master Painters Also Speak Latin

Are you thinking about treating your house to a new paint job? Richmond’s expert painters and decorators are ready and waiting to give your home the makeover it deserves.

Reasonable prices, expert craftsmanship and a professional attitude and work ethic are just some of the many positive qualities you will find in all of Richmond’s finest painting contractors.

But this is not about them. This is about you.

How the home you live in appears from the outside says a whole lot about you. It shows your sense of style, or lack of it. It shows how much you care about your environment, or how little. The Brits got it right when they compared a house to a castle:

‘For a man’s house is his castle’, “et domus sua cuique est tutissm refugium…”

Okay, when they said it first they were talking about security. In an old English law passed in 1628, a home was legally deemed to be a haven of privacy and first and foremost, a safe place to live.

In other words, an enclosed space where you could kick off your shoes, grab a beer from the fridge and do whatever took your fancy without worrying about government officials bursting in and catching you in the middle of your favorite pastime, whatever that may be.

It’s called democracy. We go to war for stuff like that.

But surely, on some levels the same applies to the outside of your home too? Just take a peek outside and have a sneaky look at your neighbor’s houses. What do their homes say about them?

Luckily, you don’t have to don a uniform and sign up for the duration to make your abode pleasing to the eye and stand out as something that raises the quality-feeling of your neighborhood, something that displays your keen sense of good taste.

Speak to one of Richmond’s painters. Make an appointment and take the time to walk with him/her around your property. Listen to what they have to say. Tell them what you think and feel about your home and the effect you’d like to achieve. Get a free quote. You’ll probably be surprised at how reasonable they are.

Not every one of Richmond’s dedicated house painters will speak Latin. Some do, some don’t. But you can be sure they’ll know the significance of the phrase. And just in case your Latin is a little rusty:  vade in domum tuam et circumlevisti stibio. It’ll be the best decision you made all year…