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New Westminster

New Westminster Painters Save Homes

New Westminster painting companies don’t just use any paint. Modern paints and stains are not only easy on the environment, they are the best protection against the elements and can also add a lot of value to your home.

Hiring a New Westminster painting contractor can take all the hassle out of house painting and will guarantee a perfect, long lasting finish that keeps your home safe from the damage caused by howling winds, freezing rain and anything else Mother Nature wants to throw at it.

But before you reach for the phone and make an appointment with any one of a number of New Westminster’s expert painters and decorators, here’s a few tips and hints you might want to keep in mind:

  • Word of mouth is a great way to get the low-down on any kind of service or product. The best way to find a competent painter in New Westminster is to ask around. Talk to neighbors and friends who have had painting work done recently. Ask them about the quality of service, how much they paid and if the job was finished on time. Better still, go and have a look at the finished project.
  • A particularly poignant aspect of being one of New Westminster’s master painters is that their work is invariably on show for anyone and everyone to see. Take the time to check the quality of the work. Are the edges and trimmings clean and neat? How much attention to detail has the contractor paid? Are there huge stains of dry paint on the ground?
  • Having a look at a friend’s freshly decorated house can tell you volumes about the company who did the work.
  • Besides checking if your New Westminster painting expert is fully insured and in possession of all the necessary licenses, finding out how much they’ll charge you for the job is probably the most important factor you should consider.
  • Getting at least three estimates from three different companies for one project is a generally accepted rule of thumb. Each of the estimates should be roughly the same amount. If two figures are close and one way under, then be aware the cheaper price could be a sign of shoddy workmanship, lack of experience or blatant evidence of an unprofessional attitude.

Like everything else in life, we pay for what we get and we get what we pay for, right?