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Coquitlam Painting Contractors Can Help Sell Your Home

Are you thinking about selling and moving out? It’s a well know fact that going that extra yard to prepare your home for a sale will not only enable you to sell the property a lot quicker, it can also tack a couple of zeros to the end of the purchase price.

Giving your house a new lick of paint by a qualified Coquitlam painting company is a cost-effective way to raise its value and speed up the sale. Below are a few tips and hints on how best to present your home to a potential buyer:

First, which color should you choose? Coquitlam master painters recommend neutral colors. The prospective home owner should experience the inside walls of the house as an empty canvas, ready to be filled with his or her own ideas and style. But this doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be plain white. From warm barley, pale, sunshine yellow to subtle olive tones and everything in between, Coquitlam painting companies carry a huge range of pastels which are perfect for the job.

Remember the ceilings of your home are the largest expanses of empty space and as such can be of enormous influence when viewing a home for the first time. Again, neutral colors are probably best, giving the room a light and airy feel.

Wallpaper or no wallpaper? Old wall coverings often have outdated designs and patterns that can prove distracting. Coquitlam painters will be more than happy to remove the paper and apply a low-sheen paint that neatly covers any imperfections on the wall beneath.

Light, clutter-free rooms create the impression of clean and well organized spaces that appear larger than they really are, as well as adding a coat of fresh paint in a light, neutral color will breath a new lease of life into your home.

Don’t forget the outside of the building either. We all know how important first impressions are, so be sure to trim hedges and mow your lawn. Any fencing, gates and posts should be in good condition and freshly stained or painted. And while you’re at it, take a good look at any patios and decks that might need a makeover. Like most home owners, your buyers will love the thought of being able to sit outside in the Summer and relax on an immaculate, freshly decorated, expertly painted and finished porch.